Congratulations to our seniors who just took their theses to the library:
Anthony Delgado (Oblong Graphs, sponsor Dr. M. Lewinter)
Will Farrell (double major in New Media and Math/CS, Cybernetic Garden, sponsor Dr. P. Ohring)
Ingrida Gobbins (The Independence Number of a Graph, sponsor Dr. M. Lewinter)
Tim Herger (‘Extreme’ Math: An Introduction to Optimization Theory, sponsor Dr. I. Shablinsky)
Aaron Herold (Use of Processing Language on Mobile Devices, sponsor Dr. I. Shablinsky)
Izrael Ortiz (2D games Implementation Flash vs. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 C#, Sponsor Dr. J. Meyer)
Jason Redman (Graph Theory: Perfect Matching, sponsor Dr. M. Lewinter)
Monami Seki (The History of Mathematics in Japan, sponsor Dr. M. Lewinter)
Senior Procession Pictures